Performance in Moscow (film)
Performance in Spain (photos)

The Pied Piper Fantasy

by John Corigliano


This 40-minute concerto for flute and orchestra, by the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer John Corigliano, is an interactive fairy tale. A young musician uses his artistic powers to cleanse the city of rats – but, after many years of living with corruption, the city's residents cannot so easily rid themselves of their bad habits of lies and greed. The children's pure souls are attracted to the truth and harmony which the musician brings into their lives. Unless the adults also get the message, all of their futures might be in peril...

"A dynamic show... The soloist's virtuosic passages were so
atmospheric and effortless that one kept wondering
whether his flute was truly magical!"

(Kultura weekly newspaper, January 2004)

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The performance begins.

The Russian National Orchestra offers an enchanting new production of The Pied Piper Fantasy – ideal for children's and family concerts. The RNO production includes:

The local orchestra supplies:

The Russian National Orchestra's most recent production for children and families was Wolf Tracks, directed by Kent Nagano and recorded with narration by Bill Clinton, Sophia Loren and Mikhail Gorbachev. The recording received a 2004 GRAMMY Award, making the RNO the first Russian orchestra ever to win a GRAMMY.

For information about staging this production, please contact the RNO by or phone (+1-802-223-4955).